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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back and Better than some people

I'm back from Portland. Everyone needs to go there for some R and R -- Rickshaws and Rabies...just kidding.

I'm feeling so chilled out from vay-cay that I thought I would link to an article on public nudity.

The laid-back community of Brattleboro, VT is highly concerned that business will suffer because of a recent surge in rebellious teens disrobing in front of stores and restaurants throughout town. Apparently, these kids feel the need to release their nonnies and nannies in front of everyone. I guess I would too, if I had to suffer through insane winters like those in Vermont and I would hope that the town would appreciate the gift that I bestowed on them. The gift of my bare ass.

I'd like to say though, for the record, and don't quote me on this...but do, lots of people like to see other people naked. Sooooo, it seems like business should boom. Especially tourism. Especially tourism from the more repressed neighboring states like New Hampshire. Especially pervy tourism from New Hampshire.

God Speed, Brattlesboro!! And have fun with your Breast Fest!!!

Also, lots of love for Steve Irwin. God Speed, Steve Irwin!!

I have decided to be "Lang Fisher, Crocodile Hugger." And the animals will all be stuffed and all of the filming will take place in my ruffled bedroom, so that I will have access to candy and Hillary Duff albums.


  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger Katy said…

    That's good that you won't be hugging real crocodiles. That dude finally got himself bitten by the wild creatures!


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