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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ain't nothing but a G Thang

I overheard this on the G train this morning but didn't feel like sending to Overheard in New York. I personally thought it was adorable.

Imagine a 10 year-old hanging out with his older, flyer cousins. Here we are at the Smith and 9th Street stop and, over the intercom, the train conductor bellows: "Last Stop! Everyone off."

10 year-old: "What? But we gotta get to Coney Island."

Cousin: "This is as far as the G train goes. Now we get off and wait for the F."

10 year-old: "Yo, the G train is messed up. This train has problems. REAL PROBLEMS. This is the G-Unit train -- like 50-cent, its career is about to be over."

Bravo, little man.

Wait, but is Fitty's career over? I don't think it is. Is the G train gonna get fired? Let's hope not. At least for the sake of the Williamsburg hipster who likes to escape his drum kit loft bed to sleep at his girlfriend's much cleaner and much boozhier house in Cobble Hill. Let's hope so, for that guy.


  • At 9:18 AM, Blogger Katy said…

    That post reminds me of how frightening I find the last stop at Battery park. What's with those extendable gates? I think the 1 train should be demoted as well.


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