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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Combustion Chamber

Today, I had the distinct honor of being called "Quote of the Week" by fellow blogger Nacho Intolerant. Thanks, Nachito (pet name). But not only did I get to be "Quote of the Week," I got to choose the word that next week's "Quote of the Week" must contain, as Nacho searches through various blogs to find each precious quote.

So, being a lover of chance (talk to the blackjack dealer at Mohigan Sun about how I wagered $1000...that I could guzzle an entire slurpee in under 30 seconds without getting a brain freeze), I grabbed my 8 million page Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. And with my arm trembling under its heft, I threw open the pages, closed my eyes tightly, said a prayer to an unknown god, and placed my tender pointer finger right next to the word: "combustion chamber." Whoops. Is there anyone out there who is blogging about combustion chambers? Anyone? Todd? Randall? Valentina? Are you guys...no? Not at all? Okay, just checking.

I was supposed to choose the word and place it in Nacho's comments. I deliberated about choosing a different word, but that just seems like cheating. Hence, below is the comment that I left poor Nacho and next week's Quote of the Week will apparently have to contain an unreasonably unusable word.

Lang said...

Yay! Thanks for letting me be quote of the week!! I am obviously super honored. I have decided that the word for next week's quote of the week should be...(I am opening up my yuge dictionary and randomly landing on a word) "combustion chamber?" Okay, I landed on "combustion chamber." So, I guess you have your choice of "combustion" or "chamber" or both. Sorry, I have no idea what this will yield. Good luck! Love your blog. Hope my word doesn't ruin anything.

Lang (the dirty old prom queen)

I wish I were more helpful.


  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger KL said…

    Wow, you have a lot of readers. My hits are usually a sad 10 a day and today they hit over 20...all your good peeps. Hopefully some of them will sneak 'combustion chamber' into their blogs next week and share in the blog love. Right now, all the chatter on combustion chambers is by dudes obsessed with cars.

    -your loyal Nachito


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