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In '98 I was the prom queen and in '06 I hang out with queens. I'm a private tutor during the day and a comedian at night in ol' NYC. I just can't seem to get out of high school...can someone call the custodian? Vesuvio, I'm locked in!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Give Yourself a Purpose

Please, everyone stop what you are doing and listen to the "Last of the Mohicans" soundtrack. And then start up what you were doing before, but now with the pounding of a war drum and the urging of the mournful yet determined violin leading you toward a victory like you've never known. I have listened to nothing else today and I feel amazing! Like the captain of a small to moderate-sized tanker. An incredibly sensual and passionate tanker. Ugh, please just follow my lead on this one...it will make your day feel so purposeful.

Please regard the following IM exchange with my friend Emily regarding LOTM.

Me: have just transitioned on my iTunes to the Last of the Mohicans theme song

Me: am unbelievably inspired

Emily: hahaha

Emily: all of my guy friends in highschool claimed the last of the mohicans soundtrack was the ultimate make out/doing it music

Me: If by "doing it" you mean sitting at your desk wondering when you'll have your next bowel movement, then yes, it is perfect for "doing it"

Emily: ewww

Me: sorry

Me: I'm grodes

Emily: haha


  • At 5:41 PM, Blogger d4nce4m01 said…

    Ahh I love Last of the Mohicans!
    Well except for the fact that none of the music is played by actual instruments, and it's all made by computers and such (or however they do that kind of thing...)
    But i've learnt to get over that since it's pretty much epic.
    I'd like to see someone figure skate to that music... they would never fail!


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger Mrs. LeBlanc said…

    Um, so I just randomly found your blog, and I've spent the last ten minutes nodding furiously at recollections of Lisa Frank school supplies and the prospect of being a professional trampoliner in 2008. Thank you for the hiccup-inducing laughs...I'll be back.


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